Transfer of a Kentucky Titled Vehicle

A person who purchases a vehicle or brings a vehicle from another state is required to title the vehicle(s) within 15 days. If the owner of a motor vehicle does not reside in Kentucky, the vehicle shall be registered with the County Clerk of the county in which the motor vehicle is principally operated (KRS 186.020).

Currently, there are several types of Kentucky Titles that have been issued. The procedures followed are based on what type of title the seller was issued. Titles issued after February 2000 have the assignment portion and vehicle transaction record form combined on the back of the Certificate of Title. These titles would not require the VTR form Number TC96-182 in order to transfer a vehicle.

Titles issued prior to February 2000 only have the assignment portion on the back of the Certificate of Title and would require the VTR form Number TC96-182 submitted along with the Title.

The following documents and information are required:

  • Kentucky Certificate of Title clear of all liens, with assignment portion properly completed by buyer and seller. Depending on what year your title was issued determines the procedure that you follow for a transfer.
  • Application for title/registration (VTR form Number TC96-182): if title issued before February 2000 must be completed, signed by all registered owners, and notarized. Persons that have power of attorney for the owner(s) may sign, but a copy of the power of attorney must be submitted with the application. If County Clerk staff notarizes signatures, identification must be presented. Note-Titles that contain AND (instead of OR) between the names of owners require the signature of all owners and/or require both to sign and notarize.
  • Buyer Proof of Insurance (in their name) for vehicle purchasing. Title Only transfers may be done if insurance is not available or if the vehicle is inoperable, but the license plate must be surrendered.
  • Social Security Number for each party appearing on the title or Federal ID Number for companies


Property tax: The owner of a vehicle as of January 1st of each tax year is responsible for the tax for that year. If at the time of transfer, the property tax has not been paid, the seller will be responsible for the tax. To avoid delinquent tax, it is recommended that the seller pay taxes at the time of transfer. If not, the seller will be sent a notification by the Kentucky Revenue Cabinet of the tax due. This does not relinquish the responsibility to pay property tax timely.